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a social purpose corporation


With a handshake an agreement is made between farmer and beekeeper to provide a pollinator sanctuary

We produce raw natural honey; harvested in small batches from mature colonies.

Swarm season begins with the arrival of new colonies of bees in our area. 


About us

Sovereign Honey is a small batch honey producer who's bees forage the pristine hillsides and valleys of the foothills of the Olympic Cascade Mountains.   Our family bottles each jar with love in the seaside village of Port Townsend, Wa.   


We raise bees year round in pollinator sanctuaries using natural honeybee management practices and only harvest surplus honey from mature colonies.

Our land partners protect pollinator habitat ensuring a healthy ecosystem for all pollinators including our honeybees.

Our beekeepers maintain healthy colonies in apiaries that exist year round in the same location and use a bee centered approach to beekeeping.

Learn more about our social purpose in our annual social purpose report.